NSC 261/PSC 290

Vision Science

(from Rodieck: "First Steps in Seeing")

The purpose of this course is to develop an understanding of the physical, physiological, and computational processes that determine what is visually perceived.  Lectures and text will emphasize higher-level processing such as perception of brightness, color, form, motion, and depth.  Laboratory exercises will provide students with a hands-on understanding of the computational and paradigmatic tools used in vision research.


Instructors:    Bruno Olshausen (baolshausen@ucdavis.edu)
                       Jack Werner  (jswerner@ucdavis.edu)

Text:              Foundations of Vision, by Brian Wandell
                       (order directly from Sinauer or from Amazon)

CRN:              77362 (PSC 290 - 4 units)
                       81923 (NPB 261A - 2 units)
                       81938 (NSC 261A - 2 units)

TIme:             Wednesdays, 6-9

Place:             Center for Neuroscience conference room

Lecture schedule

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