NPB 261B - Topics in Vision

Winter quarter 2005
M 6-8, Center for Neuroscience conference room


Date   Topic
January 10

Introduction.  General aspects of information processing in the visual system. (Olshausen) pdf

January 17

MLK holiday
January 24

LGN.  Struture and function, relation to retina and cortex. (Usrey) reading
January 31

V1.  Models of orientation and spatial-frequency analysis via Gabor filters, spatiotemporal filters, contrast normalization. (Olshausen)  field_87.pdf  ruderman97.pdf
February 7

Motion perception.  Perception and the representation of moving stimuli as inferred via fMRI studies.  (Whitney)  reading
February 14

Motion physiology.  Response properties of neurons in areas MT and MST.  (Britten)  reading
February 21

President's day holiday
February 28

Intermediate-level vision.  Perception of 3D surfaces and depth, stereopsis. (Olshausen)   weiss-simoncelli.pdf
March 7

High-level vision.  Object recognition, attention, agnosia and neglect. (Olshausen)  kersten.pdf
March 14

Color vision.  Physiology, psychophysics and computational models of color perception. (Werner)  reading


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