Mayur Mudigonda


My name is Mayur Mudigonda and I am a graduate student at the Redwood center for theoretical neuroscience at UC Berkeley. My advisor is Bruno Olshausen. My interests are primarily in vision (human/computer), machine learning and computational neuroscience. Specifically, I am interested in two  classes of problems - invariant feature representations and sensorimotor loops for vision. Along with my colleagues, I explore computational models that are biologically plausible.

On this website, you will find information on my projects, sketches of ideas, code and other nuggets.

I grew up in the balmy city of Chennai (a.k.a. Madras), did my undergraduate degree in Information Technology and my Master’s in Computer Science at Michigan State University. I have previously worked at the amazing team at Blindsight where the computer vision work is driven by Alan Yuille. I did my Master’s thesis at the PRIP lab at Michigan State where my mentors were Anil Jain , George Stockman and Rong Jin. Here is my CV_Mudigonda.pdf.


Perception, Vision and Intelligence




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