Song-Chun Zhu

Information Scaling and Perceptual Transitions in Natural Images and Video

Thursday 12th of November 2009 at 01:00pm
508-20 Evans Hall

Please note that this seminar is on Thursday at 1pm.

Images and video are very high dimensional signals that reside in a wide spectrum of manifolds/subspaces of varying dimensions. In this talk, I will discuss two types of pure manifolds:
(i) implicit manifolds for high entropy patterns, like textures, modeled by Markov random fields, and
(ii) explicit manifolds for low entropy patterns, like textons and primitives, modeled by sparse coding.

I will show that these manifolds are connected through scaling (zooming), and present a unifying theory for learning probabilistic models by manifold pursuit through information projection. Then I will discuss how these manifolds are mixed to form middle entropy patterns, such as object templates, and integrated to generate a primal sketch representation for generic images as conjectured by David Marr in his influential book.

I will also show ongoing work on video primal sketch which integrates trackable motion, intrackable motion, and human actions.

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