Tobi Delbruck
Inst of Neuroinformatics, UNI-ETH Zurich

Building a high-performance event-based silicon retina leads to new ways to compute vision

Tuesday 13th of February 2007 at 12:30pm
3105 Tolman Hall (Beach Room)

This talk will describe recent developments in building a high quality spike-based temporal contrast silicon retina vision sensor and using it for vision in real-world situations. The vision sensor will be described, focusing on its emulation of the transient visual pathway in the retina and the way in which it achieves its high performance. Then the talk will turn to novel procedural algorithms for computing low-level vision (e.g. orientation, motion, stereopsis) and high-level object tracking in an event-driven way. It will be argued that the combination of neuromorphic "address-event" representation and digital computation provides a tangible path towards realization of functional neuromorphic systems with distinct advantages compared with traditional approaches.

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