Kai Miller
University of Washington

Changes in local cortical activity are revealed by a power law in the cortical potential spectrum

Wednesday 30th of January 2008 at 12:00pm
508-20 Evans Hall

I will begin by demonstrating how careful experimental technique reveals a power law of the form P~Af^-chi in the electrocortical potential spectrum with exponent chi=4.0 pm 0.1 above ~70Hz, and evidence for a power law with chi_{low}=2.0 pm 0.4 below this. During a simple finger flexion task, the potential spectrum is effectively decoupled into this power law and the alpha and beta rhythms. I will demonstrate that increases in the coefficient, A, of this power law (not the exponent) correspond to local cortical function and reveal discrete finger somatotopy. Finally, I will discuss some possible interpretations for the source and nature of these changes.

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