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The Redwood Center homepage is [http://redwood.berkeley.edu/ here].
== News ==
== News ==

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The Redwood Center homepage is here.


The Redwood Center Inaugural Symposium DVD is online!

Remarks for new users

  1. You can use the 'preferences' link at the top of the page to configure this wiki. In particular, you might want to change the 'skin' to MonoBookRedwood in order to take full advantage of the wiki functionality
  2. Please see the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.
  3. The FAQ is also useful.

Important pages

  1. Here is the page for the Mission and Research of the RedwoodCenter.
  2. Here is the Seminars page for the organization of our weekly seminar.
  3. Here is the wiki version of the People at the Redwood Center page
  4. Here I is the table about Graphical Models we discussed in the journal club.
  5. Here is a page to suggest Purchase Items (i.e. books).

Have fun! --Kilian 16:45, 8 November 2005 (PST)