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Undergraduate Mentorship

  • The Undergraduate-Graduate Mentorship Program (UGMP) pairs undergraduates with graduates students to get mentorship advice, for example, on preparing to apply for graduate school. Applications to participate in the spring program are due at the beginning of December.
  • The Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP) provides a central list of research projects that are available for undergraduates in different departments across campus. For undergraduates how stick with with a project during the fall and spring semesters there are some $2500 stipends available to continue research over the summer. Undergraduates apply for the Fall 2014 program starting on August 21-- we should consider getting some research opportunity postings up there.
  • THe NSF Research Experience for Undgraduates (REU) provides some funding for undergraduates to work on NSF funded research projects. This may be on mechanism to get funding for an undergraduate research assistant.

Mentorship of younger students

  • The Summer Math and Science Honors (SMASH) Topics in Current Science Research course is an opportunity to lead a simple research project with small group of underprivleged high school students.