Michael DeWeese

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Here is my short CV and below is my publication list. Most papers are available here as PDFs.


  • 35. J. Sohl-Dickstein, S. Teng, B. Gaub, C. Rodgers, C. Li, M. DeWeese, and N. Harper. [[File:x.pdf] A device for human ultrasonic echolocation.] IEEE Transactions in Biomedical Engineering. 62(6):1526-1534 (2015).
  • 23. J. Sohl-Dickstein, P. Battaglino, and M.R. DeWeese. Minimum Probability Flow Learning. Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Machine Learning (Bellevue, WA) (2011).
  • 11. M.R. DeWeese and A.M. Zador. Binary coding in auditory cortex. In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, Vol. 15, 101 (2003).
  • 5. M.R. DeWeese. Optimization principles for the neural code. Network 7, 325-331 (1996).