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From December 1st 2008 I work as a researcher at Philips in the Video and Image Processing group

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Short bio

I was born near Siena, in Italy, several years ago. I received my degree in Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Siena in 2002.
In 2007 I received the Ph.D. degree in Signal and Image processing form the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland, where I was working within the Signal Processing Institute (ITS) in the group of Prof. Pierre Vandergheynst. During my Ph.D. I have also worked as visiting researcher with the Multimedia & Vision Research Group at Queen Mary, University of London (UK), and with the METISS project team at IRISA-INRIA, Rennes (France).
In 2007 I joined the the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience at the University of California Berkeley, where I worked until October 2008. Since December 2008 I work with the Video and Image Processing group at Philips Research.

Research Interests

My fields of interest are mainly image, video and multi-modal signal representation and processing, and learning algorithms design. During my Ph.D. thesis I have developed several algorithms for audiovisual source localization, blind audiovisual source separation, tracking of visual structures, learning of multi-modal dictionaries. My current research project is about the learning of sparse representations of audiovisual data.

Awards and Grants

  • Swiss National Science Foundation Fellowship for Advanced Researcher November 2008.
  • Swiss National Science Foundation Fellowship for Prospective Researcher May 2007.
  • IBM Best Student Paper Award of the 2005 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP ‘05).
  • UCLA Grant to attend the graduate summer school: “Intelligent Extraction of Information from Graphs and High Dimensional Data” at IPAM, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA, July 2005.


Journal Papers

  • T. Gritti, G. Monaci, Automatic light scene setting through image-based sparse light effect approximation, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, Vol. 14, Nr. 4, 2012
  • G. Monaci, P. Jost, P. Vandergheynst, B. Mailhe, S. Lesage and R. Gribonval, Learning Multi-Modal Dictionaries, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol. 16, Nr. 9, pp. 2272-2283, 2007

Conference Papers

  • G. Monaci and A. Pandharipande, Indoor User Zoning and Tracking in Passive Infrared Sensing Systems, Proc. of European Conf. on Signal Processing (EUSIPCO12), 2012
  • G. Monaci, T. Gritti, F. Vignoli, W. Walmink and M. Hendriks, Flower Power, Proc. of ACM Multimedia, 2011
  • T. Gritti and G. Monaci, ImagiLight: An Intuitive, Scalable Framework for Lighting Scene Setting, Proc. of ACM Multimedia, 2011
  • G. Monaci and M. Woolridge, Ultrasound Video Analysis for Understanding Infant Breastfeeding, Proc. of IEEE Int. Conf. on Image Processing (ICIP11), 2011
  • G. Monaci and P. Vandergheynst, Audiovisual Gestalts, CVPR Workshop on Perceptual Organization in Computer Vision, 2006

Talks and Posters

  • G. Monaci, G. Menegaz, S. Susstrunk and K. Knoblauch, Color Contrast Detection in Spatial Chromatic Noise, 17th Symposium of the International Color Vision Society (ICVS03), 2003

Technical Reports

  • G. Monaci, R.A.C Braspenning, B.W. Meerbeek, P. Bingley, R. Rajagopalan and M. Triki, Experiencing Control, Philips Research Technical Report 2009/00637, 2009

Ph.D. Thesis

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